Ronwell Lim X Privato Hotel


“If You Get Tired, Learn To Rest, Not To Quit”

As I grew more mature, that’s one quote that really hit me. In this beautiful, fast-moving world of our generation, stress, be it good or bad, is really inevitable especially for us young professionals with countless passions to pursue and dreams to chase. But while we can’t let it stop us, we can rest. Sometimes, I would argue, that it is the most efficient thing we can do

Hence, for many years now, I often go on a lookout for the best places to check-in within the metro to get that much-needed change of scenery to relax the mind, body, and soul. Yup, that’s my secret…cause while I would love to go on an out of town trip every week, let’s face it, it just can’t be done. Or at least, it can be very hard to do.

One hotel that I really love is this italian-inspired business and lifestyle hotel near Capitol Commons. Any guesses? If you guessed Private Hotel, then you’re right! Yaaay! Just recently, I booked an overnight stay here for a quick relaxation. And i must say, the experience was really something. This, instagram-worthy hotel boasts a sleek modern design aesthetic and a pool & verona roof deck that overlooks Makati and Fort Bonifacio. It certainly has all the ingredients of a millennial’s hotspot. Other than that, it’s really affordable with rooms ranging from 2.7k+ -5.8k+, and has tons of great amenities.  Come, let’s take a tour.

The Room





First of all, I love their room! It’s very well crafted, following a sleek modern design aesthetic that creates a balance between comfort and style. In-room sitting areas are both lounge and entertainment spaces, while the bedrooms are the ideal sanctuary for busy city life. This is relaxation in style indeed

Verona Roofdeck






Awww…the favourite place. Though I wasn’t able to take photos, I definitely loved watching the sunset here, with my favourite drink in hand and a scenic view of Makati and Fort Bonifacio- making it a perfect area to breathe and to take inspiration for this next project that I’m working on. Plus, they serve international cuisine that definitely satisfied my palate. Win!

Pool Area


What is a hotel experience without hitting the pool? The first thing I heard about Privato is that I should check out their pool area…and check it out, I did…and boy, was I impressed. It overlooks Artigas CBD, Marikina Valley and Sierra Madre that surely looked good for my instagram feed.

The Gym




As a foodie, I make sure never to miss the gym. Hence, I was definitely pleased to know that Privato has a gym area, complete with basic equipments to get a quick but complete workout.

Needless to say, I had a great time staying in this hotel and will definitely come back again whenever I need a quick change of scenery. For more, check them out at . You can also use my code “RONWELLLIM” (all-caps) when you book your stay to get 10% off.

Enjoy and happy relaxing!